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Is CBD For Real?

Is CBD For Real?

The conversation regarding the medicinal benefits of Marijuana is OVER, for now. That chapter is closed, for now... we no longer have to prove that getting high, also has its health benefits, for n…well no we’re pretty confident that sentiment will last.  

As for the health benefits of CBD, we’ll let the competition duke it out as to what’s valid or not. The point is, CBD is in a “purgatory”, no different than cannabis. I mean, no, I guess you can’t Amazon prime yourself an ounce of some Granddaddy Purp like you can with a vial of CBD. So, what’s with the negative stigma towards Hemp? Who are these people offended by CBD? These people are the same people who genuinely refer to marijuana as the “Devils lettuce”. Your soccer coach in high school who caught you showing up to preseason just a little bit stoned and proclaims you don’t take it seriously. That may have been a bit too personal, but you get the message. Just because CBD comes from Hemp doesn’t mean it has to look, taste, or even be marijuana. 

There are tons of reasons validating not only the consumption of CBD, but also the acceptance of it. Unfortunately, that won’t change with a snap of a finger, for even Thanos with all six infinity stones couldn’t snap the worldwide legality into CBD.

All we care about is that our CBD tastes good, looks good, and feels good.


If you’re looking for answers to questions like, “Does CBD help with pain”, “Can I travel with CBD?” or “Does this CBD make me look fat?” then, Google it. Yes, this CBD does make you look fat. No, we will not waste our time answering questions that have already been answered by thousands of people on Google. 

If you’d like to know which type of CBD I put in my breakfast cereal and the effects it had on me throughout my crazy, fun-filled day… or perhaps some Uncommon Misconceptions of CBD, then stay tuned to our site! 

CBD is constantly evolving, and so are we.  


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