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You might think the biggest problem with CBD oil is there are just too many places to choose from.

Sure, that's one of them. The real problem is finding a reliable company. There are too many companies out there that are looking to take your money and run. They're willing to give you a horrible product that's basically water... They don't care if their product is legally CBD oil or not... and the quality is completely missing.

That's not us.

We extract our CBD oil in the safest and most effective way. The result is pure, concentrated CBD without any THC. You have our guarantee you will NEVER fail a drug test. That's because BluWav CBD is extracted from hemp using the highest quality process known to man -- supercritical CO2 extraction.

Not only that, we've paired CBD with MCT oil for a delivery method that is faster than coconut oil AND provides a slight boost in energy. Plus we've crafted two unique formulas you won't find anywhere else.


Proudly made in the USA

GOLD STANDARD CO2 extraction

0.0% THC guarantee


So what’s with the negative stigma towards hemp? Who are these people offended by CBD? Just because CBD comes from hemp doesn’t mean it has to look, taste, or even be like marijuana.

There are tons of reasons validating not only the medicinal benefits of CBD, but also the acceptance of it. Unfortunately, the world’s view on CBD won’t change with a snap of a finger.

What we can control is our vision of a CBD line that not only looks good.. but tastes good and feels good.

Our mission is simple. To enhance your personal experience with life.

CBD is constantly evolving, and so are we.

Jo Yi, MD
CEO BluWav