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We all want to feel better. Our clients rely on us, as Psychiatrists, for their emotional wellbeing. With the recent awakening of the CBD era, it only made sense for us to open our minds to what this natural cannabinoid had to offer in helping promote relaxation. What we’ve discovered was that CBD actually works!

The problem, however, was that different brands had different promises that they couldn’t deliver on. As a result, it was challenging for us to recommend products to our clients we couldn’t fully trust in terms of quality control, dosing and purity.

Hence, we took it upon ourselves to create BluWav CBD, a product we trust to offer Not Only to our clients, but to our own family. We’re not here to state that our product is better than anyone else’s. But what we CAN promise You is that our product is all natural and created by Doctors with a secret ingredient... Love : )

Our sincere hope is that You enjoy our Sensual CBD to relax into the fullest expression of Yourself.

With Gratitude & Love,

Jo Yi, MD
Jasmine Gill, MD